Ocean flood my body, sand polish my heart, sun shine life into my soul

On this overcast morning, I sit on the cobblestone porch, tears sting my eyes as lost love weighs heavy on my heart. Grief washes over me like a tidal wave, sand filing every crevice of my body, seeping into all the dark hidden spaces, settling into my bones.

It’s easier to avoid grief when removed from the source of loss, whether physically, mentally or emotionally. Avoidance and busyness provide temporary relief from the haunting of lost love. Though grief cannot stay hidden for long. One song, one memory, one look, and it consumes you like a dark cloud envelopes the sun.

As heavy the weight of grief is upon me, I have faith and trust in this transformation. Just as an oyster forms a pearl through a process of turning grit into beauty, my body is a vessel which holds space for grief to scrub my soul clean. In time the salt water waves will wash the remnants from my body.

It’s a process of patience. Of trust. Of surrender. My heart, just as the unveiled developing pearl, will transform sorrow into compassion, sadness into joy, ready to share love unconditionally with all beings everywhere.

2 thoughts on “Ocean flood my body, sand polish my heart, sun shine life into my soul”

  1. Oh Shan, I’m so sorry love. Beautifully written. It’s like I could truly feel your pain while reading this post. I’m here for you in any way you need me to be.


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