My Story

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” Brene Brown

My name is Shannon…but what’s in a name really? I am a student and creator of life. I am here to learn and share experiences and connect with others through teaching and practicing yoga. I live a heart forward existence and move from a place of love. I believe yoga brings us back to our most authentic self and the best way we can be a light for others is to cultivate self love and self acceptance. From unconditional love the magic of our lives can unfold in the most beautiful ways.

I am a student

I am dedicated to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga as traditionally taught by Sri K. Pattahbhi Jois. I have developed a home practice, visiting Ashtanga Yoga Center in Encinitas and Tahoe Yoga Shala in South Lake Tahoe to learn from the wisdom and experience of my teachers and evolve in my practice. I am currently working on third series and am continuously challenged and humbled by the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

I am a teacher

Teaching yoga is my passion and my life’s purpose. This is one of the only things I know to be true. I began my teacher training journey back in 2015 and have accumulated over 700 hours of training in Power Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Assisting and Kids Yoga. I don’t know what this means really other than I am a bit addicted to teacher trainings…what it comes down to is that as a teacher I consider myself to be a student first, always willing to learn and remain open to new possibilities.

I am a mother

I have been blessed to have birthed two beautiful beings in this life. Austin and Allie have been my greatest teachers. They have taught me unconditional love, have given me purpose and propelled me into living my greatest most authentic life. Allie passed away on March 17th, 2019, Saint Patricks Day. She was born with a rare condition called Nemaline Myopathy. Every day she was in this world was a gift to everyone who’s life she touched. Allie and Austin continue to inspire and motivate me every single day.