In Memory

“If light is in your heart you will find your way home.” Rumi

Allison Leigh Allen was born September 19, 2014 with Nemaline Myopathy. She required significant medical support, including a ventilator and feeding tube, in order to sustain her life.

With a team of dedicated doctors, nurses and her loving family, Allie lived a full and beautiful life to the age of 4. She passed away peacefully in her sleep on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2019.

Allie inspired so many with her excitement for life, pure heart and bright light. She continues to shine her light upon us as she lives in our own hearts and reminds us of what matters most in this world, to love and be loved.

In loving memory of Allison Leigh Allen
September 19, 2014 – March 17, 2019